A mistake many businesses make is the assumption that the “if you build it, they will come” mantra applies to the Web. More often they are disappointed by the failed expectation of increased sales. A nice, tech-driven website that follows good practice is just the start to making money online.

You have to help Google find your pages. This includes ensuring that all pages on the site can be reached by a link from another findable page, creating a site map and submiting it to Google.

Now that Google can find you, it still has to understand your pages. Therefore creating a useful, information-rich site, and writing pages that clearly and accurately describe your content and writing content primarily for users, not for search engines.Understanding how algorithms and search engine optimisation works is crucial in succeeding with your page ranking. Furthermore general maintenance always has to be performed like monitoring your site for hacking and removing hacked content as soon as it appears and preventing and removing user-generated spam on your site.

Once all the technical compliance and best practice has been performed we should focus on driving traffic to our site. Lots of traffic by using search engines and online advertising to drive targeted buyers to your site.

The more traffic the higher the sales,right? Wrong! To often there is no sales funnel and people abandon the sales cart. Lost opportunities on a regular basis and sales not happening.

Finally you should always identify your success. You can use a number of free online tools to identify your most popular topics, the increase of your visitors and the number or returning visitors.

Internet marketing does not run on auto-pilot. Eventually it actually can, but it takes many long hours, days, weeks, months to eventually get there. Most people are not prepared for the time requirement necessary for an internet business to achieve success.

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