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WordPress Genie Easy Website Builder enables you to create recurring income on a very saleable product that enables small business to engage with their market online.

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I am not promising you instant wealth, but I can promise you an opportunity that will enable you to make a good living with a fun product as well as the chance to build a decent recurring revenue!

Our modular business solutions help clients improve their online presence, marketing, and agility enabling them to achieve sustainable advantages over their competitors.

A WordPress Genie Agent has four ways of making money, namely:

Earn from day 1

You can start your business immediately after training. It takes between 1 and 5 hours and you’re done! You can become a webmaster in less than a day. 

Earn 100% from set-up fee

The Agent sets up websites for clients, either by visiting the clients’ premises, via email, telephonically or by giving their Agent code to people and sending them to our website (where the client will join using your Code). The agent earns €250.

Earn from training new agents

Agents appoints and trains consultants and receive 80% of their €120 joining fee + €20 per month from their agency fees, (agents can also make revenue share arrangements with other agents/people [e.g.. share 50% of set-up fees and 0% of recurring revenue etc] and train new agents and consultants in groups)

Earn monthly recurring income

The Agent gets 50% per month of the level 1 and 2 products which cost €29 and 150 pm (+VAT) respectively + €20 per month from their new agents and consultants membership fees,

Unlimited Possibility

Because our tool is extremely user-friendly, we can train lay persons how to build websites. There are no distribution hurdles, because our program is web based. This program can be used instantly and anywhere in the world. We have a countrywide network of existing users who train each other. We are enforced with a comprehensive back office and support system.

Run from any location

 The Licensee, Agent and Consultant have the mobility and flexibility to promote WordPress Genie Easy Website Builder wherever and whenever necessary by making use of advertising, referrals, the web and other marketing tools available. This business can be run from a home-office, internet-cafe or from a notebook anywhere and at any time. 

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Many small to mediums sized businesses either :

Do not have a website or domain name, or need a new website, or need a responsive mobile-site or need to make their website e-commerce enabled. As an agent, you help them achieve their business goals by building their online presence. 

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